Porton Pharma Solutions Launches State-of-the-Art Small Molecule Platform in Shanghai, Elevating CDMO Services

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of our state-of-the-art Small Molecule Platform in Shanghai, revolutionizing our CDMO services. With this exciting development, Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. now have seven R&D and production facilities in Shanghai that are equipped to provide comprehensive solutions for drug substance, drug preparation, synthetic macromolecules, and biological macromolecules.

As a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical industry, we understand the evolving needs of our clients and the importance of seamless integration throughout the drug development process. With our Small Molecule Platform, we offer a one-stop-shop solution, combining our expertise, cutting-edge facilities, and advanced technologies to accelerate and streamline the development of small molecule-based therapeutics.

This groundbreaking development reinforces our commitment to be at the forefront of CDMO services and empower our clients with the tools and expertise needed to succeed in the fast-paced pharmaceutical landscape. We are excited to collaborate with innovators, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies to drive scientific advancements, improve patient outcomes, and shape the future of healthcare.