J-STAR Research's State-of-the-Art facilities are fully equipped & licensed to meet common, critical needs, including:

J-Star Research Structural Elucidation and NMR Expansion

Controlled Substances (DEA Schedule II-V)

J-STAR’s South Plainfield facility is registered with the DEA as a research facility for schedules II-V. Our chemists are trained and equipped to meet the specialized shipping & receiving, record-keeping and secure-storage processes required to maintain full compliance through all activities, from Synthesis, Analysis and Crystallization to cGMP.


Potent & HPAPI Compound Development

Recent trends in drug development have seen a surge in demand for Potent & HPAPI Compound Development capabilities, a demand J-STAR is perfectly positioned to meet. Our state-of-the-art facility can help meet the needs of your high potency development programs as our subject matter experts ensure that we will handle your API programs with the highest level of care and safety to ensure success.

Why Clients Choose Us

Founded in 1996, J-STAR Research has assembled one of the most talented and experienced chemical process teams in the industry.

World-Class R&D Scientists

Innovative scientists focused on creative solutions to client problems

Phase Appropriate Effective Solutions

Streamline your program through all phases of development

State of the Art Equipment

J-STAR has a comprehensive suite of processing and analytical capabilities