J-Star's High Potency Capabilities Meet and Exceed Every Requirement

Recent trends in drug development have seen a surge in demand for high potency production capabilities, a demand J-STAR is perfectly positioned to meet.

Our state-of-the-art facility can help meet the needs of your high potency development programs as our subject matter experts ensure that we will handle your API programs with the highest level of care and safety to ensure success.


Extract-Walker Barrier Isolators: 2

16 HPAPI Linear Glover Box Feet: 16

OEL Target (ng/m3): 10

Non-GMP & cGMP

State of the Art High Potency Laboratory in Cranbury, NJ

An isolated limited access suite with two isolators used for high potency GMP manufacturing projects

Separate locked area in the warehouse for GMP material storage and stability studies

One Quality Control lab for in-process and material release testing