2020 Pharmaceutical Crystallization Event Report
Dr. Jian Wang
October 18, 2020
Crystallization technologies are bridges between drug substances (DS) and drug products (DP) enabling consistent and robust safety and efficacy profiles of small molecule based medicines.
A Challenging Path to Controlled Nano-API Crystallization and Isolation
Don Kientzler
October 29, 2020
Controlled crystallization of an API in submicron size was enabled based on an accurate solubility profile and a growth inhibition property via semi-continuous processing, to meet special formulation requirements.
Addressing Bottleneck Problems in Crystallization R&D for New Drug Development
Dr. Jian Wang
October 28, 2020
Diverse crystallization challenges encountered by CfPC (Center for Pharma Crystallization) and our clients will be analyzed systematically to provide insights into main bottleneck problems in today’s drug development programs.
Advantages of Co-precipitation Technology (CPT) Part I: Enhancement in Particle Morphology and Flow
Dr. Tianyi Li and Dr. Daniel S. Hsieh
November 11, 2020
Direct compression (DC) process is the preferred method for tablet production because it is both simple and energy saving.
Amorphous Solid Dispersion: Improving Dissolution Rate of Poorly Water-Soluble Drug Substance 1
Dr. Tianyi Li and Dr. Daniel S. Hsieh
November 11, 2020
Research studies show that the majority of API candidates in the development pipeline have a BCS Class II rating, which means those APIs need a solubilization strategy to promote the bioavailability to improve their chance of clinical success.
Drug Product Brochure
Dr. San Kiang
November 5, 2020
With the ability to develop both Drug Substance (DS) and Drug product (DP) under the same umbrella, our team enjoys a synergism absent in most CROs. The ability to bridge the DS/DP interface is a major competitive advantage, and we are able to shorten development timeline and to improve ruggedness of the DP process.
Computation Assisted Solvent Selection in Crystal Form Investigation
Dr. Shanming Kuang
October 17, 2020
Rational selection of solvents plays a critical role in solid form screening and production. On the one hand, a variety of solvents with different properties are chosen in form screening to maximize the screening space of searching for all potential solid forms because some solvents selectively favor the generation of a particular form as a result of crystallization kinetics.
Enhance Powder Flow Density and Flow By Dry Particle Coating
Dr. Tianyi Li and Dr. Daniel S. Hsieh
November 11, 2020
Many active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) exhibit deficient bulk powder properties such as poor flowability, low bulk density, high cohesion, etc.
Preformulation Strategy – Inception to Completion
Dr. Harsh S. Shah and Dr. Shanming Kuang
November 5, 2020
Drug discovery is an exceedingly complex process. Discovering a new chemical entity is in itself a huge accomplishment, which is often possible only after almost two decades of hard experimental work as well as advanced simulation efforts.

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