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The Industry Leader in Small Molecule Process Research and Crystallization R&D

Welcome to J-STAR Research, Inc.

Our mission is to help pharmaceutical small molecule R&D programs succeed in all phases of development.

Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson PhD, President

Founded in 1996, J-Star Research has assembled one of the most talented and experienced chemical process teams in the industry.

Process Chemists
Analytical Scientists
Crystallization Scientists
cGMP & QA Experts

Contract Services & Capabilities

J-Star Research offers a wide range of small molecule chemistry capabilities and technologies, including:

The focus of the company is on helping the pharmaceutical industry to develop scalable, robust and economically feasible syntheses supporting small molecule pre-clinical development.

  • Develop cost-efficient syntheses
  • Problem-solving capabilities that lead to novel solutions
  • Quickly develop phase appropriate syntheses
  • Remove hazardous chemistry
  • Developing robust crystallization solutions

Our Analytical Research team provides all of the analytical capabilities needed for process development, GLP studies and GMP campaigns, including:

  • HPLC / GC method development for challenging separations including chiral separations
  • Method development and testing
  • Method transfer / validation
  • Reference standard certification
  • Separation and Characterization of impurities
  • Intermediate and API release testing
  • Stability studies

Headed by world class scientists, the Center for Pharma Crystallization (CfPC) is a recognized industry leader in solid form studies, crystallization process developmentpre-formulation evaluation, particle engineering and DS-DS co-processing.

Seamlessly and in parallel with our crystallization experts, we develop rugged processes and formulations that follow rigorous QbD procedures, fundamentals of material science and fit-for-purpose enabling technologies.

  • Solid state and powder characterization
  • Pre-formulation and pre-clinical packages
  • Phase 1 formulation development and supply
  • Phase 2 and 3 formulation and process development
  • Spray drying technology platform
  • HME technology platform
  • Co-processing technology platform

Renowned in the industry for the flexibility and innovation of our processes, J-STAR can scale our chemistries to handle quantities from milligram to multi-kilos.

For volume exceeding the capacity of our NJ facilities, we can also leverage our parent company (Porton) to support larger scales spanning to commercial capacity.

  • Manufacture intermediates and impurities
  • Reference Standards
  • GMP APIs
  • Raw Materials

Our state-of-the-art facilities are fully equipped and registered to handle specialized development programs, including Controlled Substances (DEA Schedule II-V) and High Potency API Development (HPAPI).

Peerless Customer Service

Led by a strong management team, J-Star Research provides the highest level of scientific expertise, customer service and personal attention to every project.

State of the Art Facilities

Two NJ-based R&D centers totaling 70,000 SF with a 3rd R&D center opening in April 2023.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Creative J-Star scientists are assigned to projects based on their technical acumen and problem solving ability

Latest Equipment

J-Star has an industry-leading suite of analytical, automation and PAT instrumentation.