An Integrated Approach to Process Development

Our services in Catalysis and Enabling Technology are differentiated through our integrated approach in the overall process development. We develop efficient catalytic reactions and reaction processes by utilizing the newest tools together with verified experimental techniques, scientific and industrial knowledge.

  • Custom development planning (early development vs. manufacturing process or fit for purpose vs. optimized for efficiency).
  • High-Throughput Catalyst screening of pressurized and non-pressurized reactions.
  • Increased reaction performance through mechanistic understanding, utilizing various experimental and computational techniques.
  • Process optimization using High-Throughput DoE experimentation.
  • Process robustness with Kinetic-DoE.
  • Evaluation and development of batch, semi-batch and flow processes.
  • Scale-up under best engineering consideration and representative scalable procedures.
  • Efficient technology transfer

Integrated Catalysis & Enabling Technology Advantages

  • Flexibility based on needs (e.g. utilization of HTE to evaluate solvent/base combinations)
  • Speed, i.e. finding suitable catalysts and reaction conditions quicker with access to one of the world’s largest commercial catalyst libraries
  • Experts and generalists, i.e. big picture solutions with expert knowledge
  • Efficiency, i.e. using the best phase appropriate tool
  • Knowledge retention, i.e. our PhDs utilize their experience across different technologies, platforms and projects

Catalysis & Enabling Technology Services

We offer all of our services as a standalone service or integral with our other services (Synthesis, process development, GMP manufacturing and crystallization).

Development planning: We provide an individualized work proposal that suits the needs of the customer (early development vs. manufacturing process or fit for purpose vs. optimized for efficiency).

Scouting and Screening: We support the early development for route selection utilizing our High-Throughput platform.

Optimization: We optimize reactions using various tools, which can encompass our High-Throughput platform in combination with DoE, kinetic DoE and improving catalyst performance through mechanistic understanding.

Operational evaluation: Evaluate a specific reaction for batch, semi-batch and flow operation.

Process stability: Identification of best operational procedures, stable holding points and most stable operating range.

Scale-up: The reaction is being scaled-up under best engineering consideration and representative scalable procedures considering mixing and mass-transfer.

Efficient technology transfer: Throughout the collaboration the results are frequently communicated in written reports and through teleconferences. A final report can be issued summarizing all relevant information in an updated context of the final development stage.

Cross-Functional Support for Phase-Appropriate Development

A comprehensive development of efficient processes involves all of the above steps. Depending on the needs, we also offer these services separately for phase appropriate development and in conjunction with J-STAR’s other functional groups.

Cross-functional support:

  • High-Throughput Screening of reactions
  • Statistical and DoE support for NOR/PAR of reactions and crystallization processes
  • In-situ reaction monitoring
  • Support for pressurized reactions
  • Computational chemistry for 1H-NMR, IR spectra, thermodynamic properties.
  • Continuous flow for highly reactive intermediates and for safe operations.