Structural Elucidation

Identifying unknown impurities and metabolites

The marriage of significant analytical capabilities with the experience of our scientific personnel allows for the isolation and characterization of sub-microgram quantities of impurities during process optimization and purified materials.


Crystallization: increase the relative amount of impurity in mother liquor

Biotage and ISCO preparative normal and reverse phase LC

Forced Degradation: increase impurity level

Waters Preparative LC-UV-MS with mass-directed capabilities

Crystallization: suitable for single crystal X-ray analysis

Impurity Synthesis

Personnel and Experience

3 NMR Spectroscopists (82 years collective experience)

1 Single Crystal Diffractometer Expert (25 years experience)

35 Process Chemists

10 Analytical Chemists

7 Crystallization scientists


NMR systems (1 x 300 MHz / 2 x 400 MHz / 1 x 500 MHz)4
HPLC/UPLC systems>30
CAD units4
UPLC-Orbitrap MS (accurate mass) new in 20181
Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer new in 20181