Structure Elucidation Equipment & Capability Update

To augment our significant in-house NMR resources, which includes 4 NMR spectrometers and 3 full-time NMR spectroscopists, J-Star is installing a 5 mm Cryoprobe on our Varian 500 MHz NMR.  By cooling the detection coil and the preamplifier to near absolute-zero temperature, this new capability will provide the following advantages in support of J-Star’s structural elucidation group:

  • NMR background noise greatly improved
  • sensitivity gain over a room-temperature probe of up to 4X
  • data collection time reduction of 20X
  • structural elucidation work on analytes as low as 0.1 mg

When coupled with J-Star’s existing mass-directed preparative HPLC purification system, high resolution mass spectrometry capabilities, and experienced scientific team, this uniquely positions J-Star as an industry leader in the ability to support low level (0.1%) impurity isolation and identification from:

  • process intermediates
  • processing product streams and waste streams
  • crystallization mother liquors and supernatants
  • active pharmaceutical ingredients (drug substance or drug product).