Phase 1 Clinical Supply and Support Services

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Phase 1 Clinical Supply and Support Services 1

Phase 1 Clinical Supply

With the help of our strength in formulation design and characterization of new drug candidates, our expertise covers the aspects of early drug product development including the preformulation studies and formulation, and process development of novel dosage forms. Our goal is in line with our client’s goal to make rapid deliverable drug product supplies in support of preclinical to Phase I clinical studies.

Preformulation Study Service

Preformulation studies characterize physical and chemical properties of a drug molecule alone or combined with excipients at early stage of drug product development to ensure formulation and process development can be carried out leading to a safe, effective, stable, and manufacturable dosage form. Sometimes, the property characterization of functional excipients (e.g. rate-controlling component) is also important to successfully develop a novel dosage form with a desirable release profile. Preformulation studies can be conducted in vitro throughout the drug product development from pre-clinical studies, clinical studies, to final scaling up for commercial launch. Established data from preformulation studies are required by the regulatory agencies to compose the CMC sections.

Services Provided in Pre-Formulation Studies
  • Characterization of the Physicochemical Properties of NCE/API
  • Identification of the Bulk Properties of NCE/API and/or Drug Preparations
  • Investigation of the Stability of NCE/API and/or Drug Preparations
  • Reverse Engineering


  • Melting Point
  • pKa
  • Water Content
  • Hygroscopicity
  • Solubility/pH-Solubility Profile
  • Polymorphism/Pseudopolymorphism
  • Salt and Crystallinity

  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Bulk and Tapped Density
  • Flowability
  • Compressibility Compactability and Tabletability

  • Stability (API & Drug Product)
  • Drug Excipient Compatibility

Pre-Formulation Instruments

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Supply Service

Pre-clinical study in drug development is a stage of research before clinical trials which tests a new chemical entity (NCE) in animals to collect information about drug safety and potential administration route, etc. The aim of a pre-clinical study is to determine the safe dose for first-in–human and assess a product’s safety profile. We can help to select the best dosage forms for the NCE based on our strengths in preformulation studies and formulation and process development, and produce the supplies of drug product from pre-clinical to Phase I clinical studies

The Goals of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Trials

Basic Dosage Forms for Pre-Clinical Studies
  • Solutions
  • Suspensions
  • Dispersions
  • Semi-solids
  • Lipid-based forms
  • Solids (Salt or amorphous)
  • Complex formulations

Service to Support Phase 1 Clinical Studies

  • Formulation development
  • Phase 1 clinical supplies
  • Collaborate with Phase 1 Clinical CRO by supplying GMP API and formulation design for on-site compounding

Phase 1 Supply Equipment

Characterization Instruments