Scientists at J-STAR are assigned to each project based on the anticipated demands of the project and their expertise. All projects at J-Star are managed by highly experienced scientists from the pharma industry. Our focused approach ensures the delivery of high quality solutions and materials in a timely fashion.

Our products and services are focused on these core areas:


Process Chemistry Research & Development

The management team and staff at J-STAR have extensive experience in pharmaceutical process research and development that spans many decades of practical, hands on expertise. Clients seeking to improve troublesome steps in a process, reduce the cost of goods by removing expensive or poorly performing steps, or re-design an entire route for one of their potential products or key intermediates, will find value added input at the chemistry level from the team at J-STAR.


Analytical R&D and Quality Control

Analytical Research team services includes, but are not limited to, method development, method verification / validation, reference standard certification, release testing, and impurity separation and identification.


Center for Pharma Crystallization

Headed by world class scientists, the Center for Pharma Crystallization (CfPC) is a recognized industry leader in solid form studies, crystallization process development, pre-formulation evaluation, particle engineering and DS-DS co-processing.


Drug Product Development

With the ability to develop both Drug Substance (DS) and Drug product (DP) under the same umbrella, our team enjoys a synergism absent in most CROs. The ability to bridge the DS/DP interface is a major competitive advantage in our ability to shorten development timeline and improve ruggedness of the DP process.

Why Clients Choose Us

Founded in 1996, J-STAR Research has assembled one of the most talented and experienced chemical process teams in the industry.

World-Class R&D Scientists

Innovative scientists focused on creative solutions to client problems

Phase Appropriate Effective Solutions

Streamline your program through all phases of development

State of the Art Equipment

J-STAR has a comprehensive suite of processing and analytical capabilities