Contract Research & Development

Scientists at J-STAR are assigned to each project based on the anticipated demands of the project and their expertise. All projects at J-Star are managed by highly experienced scientists from the pharma industry. Our focused approach ensures the delivery of high quality solutions and materials in a timely fashion.

Our products and services are focused on these core areas:

Contract R&D Services

Process Chemistry Research & Development

The management team and staff at J-STAR have extensive experience in pharmaceutical process research and development that spans many decades of practical, hands on expertise. Clients seeking to improve troublesome steps in a process, reduce the cost of goods by removing expensive or poorly performing steps, or re-design an entire route for one of their potential products or key intermediates, will find value added input at the chemistry level from the team at J-STAR.

Analytical R&D and Quality Control

Analytical R&D and Quality Control

Our Analytical Research team provides all of the analytical needs for process development, GLP studies and GMP campaigns. In general, our service includes, but is not limited to, method development, method verification / validation, reference standard certification, release testing, and impurity separation and identification.

Catalyst Screening

Catalysis & Enabling Technology

Our services in catalysis reaction development are differentiated through our integrated approach in the overall process development. We develop efficient catalytic reactions by utilizing the newest tools together with verified experimental high throughput techniques, scientific and industrial knowledge.


Center for Pharma Crystallization

Headed by world class scientists, the Center for Pharma Crystallization (CfPC) is a recognized industry leader in solid form studies, crystallization process development, pre-formulation evaluation, particle engineering and DS-DS co-processing.

Technology Demonstration and Feasibility

Drug Product Development

With the ability to develop both Drug Substance (DS) and Drug product (DP) under the same umbrella, our team enjoys a synergism absent in most CROs. The ability to bridge the DS/DP interface is a major competitive advantage in our ability to shorten development timeline and improve ruggedness of the DP process.

Contract R&D Services

High Potency API (HPAPI) Handling & Development

Recent trends in drug development have seen a surge in demand for high potency production capabilities, a demand J-STAR is perfectly positioned to meet. Our state-of-the-art facility can help meet the needs of your high potency development programs as our subject matter experts ensure that we will handle your API programs with the highest level of care and safety to ensure success.

Why Clients Choose Us

Founded in 1996, J-STAR Research has assembled one of the most talented and experienced chemical process teams in the industry.

World-Class R&D Scientists

We have the industry's largest pool of PhD and M.S. scientists focused on solving clients' problems

Phase Appropriate Effective Solutions

Streamline your program through all phases of development

State of the Art Equipment

J-STAR has a comprehensive suite of processing and analytical capabilities