Welcome to J-STAR Research

The industry leader in small molecule Process Research and Crystallization R&D

Founded in 1996, J-STAR Research, Inc. is a contract chemistry organization serving as an outsourcing partner for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Founded by Dr. Andrew Thompson, formerly of Merck Research Laboratories in The Department of Process Research, J-STAR has become a leading provider of services in organic synthesis problem solving, early phase non-GMP and GMP manufacturing and crystallization R&D.

While high quality synthetic chemistry and process research services continue to be at J-Star’s foundation, the company has steadily added and continues to expand in the areas of QC, GMP and QA, Crystallization R&D, Solid Form and Polymorph Screening, Catalysis Screening + Enabling Technology, Highly Potent Compound Handling (HPAPI), Impurity Isolation and Structural Elucidation by NMR (suite of 2D techniques) and HR-LC/MS and Preformulation for Drug Product Development.

J-Star’s expert team of scientists and professionals coupled with solid industrial experience, a track record of dependability, and over 70,000 SF of well-equipped laboratories across two New Jersey research facilities ensures that all projects are delivered in full, on time and with rigorous quality.

  • State of the Art Equipment

    J-STAR has a comprehensive suite of lab and analytical chemistry capabilities.

  • World-Class Research Chemists

    We have the industry's largest pool of PhD chemists focused on solving your problems.

  • Innovative Technologies

    Streamline your program through all phases of development.