MetasTx LLC Raises Funds, Engages J-STAR Research as Manufacturing Partner, and Advances Phase One Development

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MetasTx LLC is driven to create novel therapeutics to treat and prevent metastasis of cancers. Harvey Homan, CEO and Co-Founder has successfully presented at Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic and South East, the Annual BioNJ Bio Partnering Conference, AdvanSE Life Science Conference, and several other small venues after closing an initial Friends & Family round of funding. While working diligently on initial funding to develop the lead product, MTX-101, the company has wasted no time in exceeding milestones.

MetasTx is developing a pipeline of novel cancer agents targeted at specific solid tumors based on advances in the delivery of IPA-3. The research of MetasTx’s scientific Co-Founders, Dr. Brian Cummings and Dr. Somanath Shenoy supports the stability and efficacy of MTX-101 are significantly superior in inhibiting prostate tumor growth and metastasis in various mouse models of prostate cancer.

A full Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic Due Diligence report on MetasTx LLC is imminent. Keiretsu Forum is known for their rigorous Due Diligence process and their reports are widely accepted by angel groups and venture capitalists. “The Company is very optimistic that with Keiretsu’s backing, we can fast-track the bridge round taking us through Phase One development,” Says Harvey Homan PhD, MBA.

MetasTx LLC, in a move to manage costs, expedite product development on several products, and exceed investor expectations has partnered with J-STAR Research, Inc in Cranbury, New Jersey. J-STAR Research is a contract development organization, serving as an outsourcing partner for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. J-STAR scientists have already characterized the physical and chemical properties of MTX-101 to ensure formulation and process development can be conducted.

The Company is now positioned to evaluate the drug’s safety, stability, and efficacy in treating prostate cancer in its manufactured dosage form. Furthermore, the ultimate goal of the collaboration between MetasTx and J-STAR is the production of MTX-101 to be used in early clinical trials. “J-STAR is very excited to partner with MetasTx to help bring MTX-101 to life. Our values align quite nicely, with a key emphasis on solving complex drug development challenges and bringing innovative therapies to market,” said Dr. Todd Nelson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of J-STAR.

MetasTx LLC
MetasTx is developing a pipeline of novel cancer agents targeted at specific solid tumor; MTX-101 is the first product in development with a focus on prostate cancer treatment and prevention of metastasis. The company is led by Harvey Homan, Ph.D., MBA who has extensive experience in biotech and medical device companies in the USA and UK; he has achieved successful marketing authorization, commercialization, and exits. For more information, visit

J-STAR Research, Inc
J-Star Research, Inc. is a leading R&D services provider focusing on small molecule drug substance and drug product development. Our integrated teams of subject matter experts (SMEs) across synthesis, crystallization, formulation, analytical, and cGMP production have been effectively solving complex drug development challenges for over 25 years. We have decades of consistent records providing technically rigorous, fit-for-purpose, and high-quality R&D services to drug developers worldwide.