Process Simplification Series No. 1: Moisture-Activated Dry Granulation (MADG) – An Economical Alternative for Wet- and Dry-Granulation

Wet granulation, dry granulation and direct blending are the three most common granulation processes for solid dosage form production in the pharmaceutical industry for decades. However, each of the three mentioned process has its drawbacks, among which, the requirement of post-granulation operations is one of the major weakness.

Process Simplification Series No. 7: Lipid-Based Formulations of Liquid-filled Capsules for Poorly soluble Drugs

For a drug substance administered via oral route, it should possess adequately aqueous solubility before passes through the gastrointestinal tract to complete the absorption, and then enters the blood steams for the pharmacological actions.

Process Simplification Series No. 6: Direct Compression to Replace Roller Compaction via API Flowability Improvement

Oral solid dosage forms, mainly in the forms of tablets and capsules, still dominate the drug product market for their convenience to patients, not only for administration, but also safe and easy to compliance. In manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms, the flowability of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), excipients used to formulate the API, and formulations play an important role, and should be assessed in the drug product development stage.