Moisture-Activated Dry Granulation (MADG) – A Simplified Process to Replace Wet- and Dry-Granulation

Moisture-activated dry granulation (MADG) is an economical and novel granulation process which only requires minor amount of liquid (1-5%) to trigger the agglomeration of particles, uses the high shear granulator to spread out the moisture and then form uniform granules without subsequent drying or milling process, which can save the cycle time tremendously.

Lipid-Based Formulations of Liquid-filled Capsules for Poorly soluble Drugs

Lipid-based formulation is proven to be one of the effective approaches to enhance solubility of poorly soluble drugs. At J-Star, our scientists are experienced in this solubilization method, and at the same time, applying it to liquid-filled capsules to simplify the process and stay away from the manufacturing issues of oral dosage forms.

Direct Compression to Replace Roller Compaction via API Flowability Improvement

Roller Compaction is one of best processing methods to improve the flowability of API. Comparatively, direct compression which skips the granulation step is more cost- effective. Our enabling technique scan significantly improve the API particles flowability, make it possible to replace roller compaction process with direct compression process, and deliver quality products while simplifying the process.

Enhance Powder Flow Density and Flow By Dry Particle Coating

Many active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) exhibit deficient bulk powder properties such as poor flowability, low bulk density, high cohesion, etc.

Advantages of Co-precipitation Technology (CPT) Part I: Enhancement in Particle Morphology and Flow

Direct compression (DC) process is the preferred method for tablet production because it is both simple and energy saving.

Amorphous Solid Dispersion: Improving Dissolution Rate of Poorly Water-Soluble Drug Substance

Research studies show that the majority of API candidates in the development pipeline have a BCS Class II rating, which means those APIs need a solubilization strategy to promote the bioavailability to improve their chance of clinical success.