Porton/J-Star at 2021 SAPA Annual Conference

We are proud to announce that Porton’s Chairman and CEO, Niafeng (Oliver) Ju (EMBA), and San Kiang (Ph.D.), CTO of Porton/J-Star Research, will be Keynote Speaker and CMC Speaker, respectively, at this year’s Sino-American Professionals Association (SAPA) Annual Conference on October 2.

Oliver will present “Contract Organizations: from Outsourcing Partner to Infrastructure in the Industry 4.0 Era,” and San will present “Development Efficiency and Innovation at the API-Drug Product Interface.”

Porton is a Title Sponsor of the 2021 season in support of SAPA year round activities.

Carrying the theme “Building a Healthier Future,” this year’s SAPA Conference will feature presentations and panel discussions by distinguished speakers and panelists in the academic research, pharma and biotech industries. The topics include the following: The Latest Trends of Pharma Development; Legal and Regulatory Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Era of COVID-19; Public Health Challenges and Implications; Frontiers in Drug Discovery and Development: From Academia to Industry; Challenges and Opportunities in Developing New Drugs and Treatment Modalities in CMC.

To learn more about the event, please visit https://sapaweb.org/event/sapa2021ac/

To register for this virtual event, please visit https://sapaweb.org/sapa2021AC-registration/