Porton awards Industrial Crystallization Scholarship

On Saturday, June 6, Porton and Tianjin University National Engineering Research Center of Industrial Crystallization Technology (CICT) announced a school-enterprise strategic cooperation to jointly advance CICT’s resource investment, technology development, talent training, teaching, research, industry-university cooperation, and innovation.

The first “Porton Industrial Crystallization Scholarship” was awarded to 15 outstanding CICT students at a joint ceremony held on Sunday at Tianjin University, during which CICT presented the “Outstanding School-Enterprise Cooperation Partner Award” to Porton.

Porton’s Scholarship was delivered to the students by Dr. Shi Feng, Executive Director of the Process Research Service Department and R&D Technology Platform of Porton, and Dr. Sheng Fei, Associate Director of R&D Technology Platform of Porton. The scholarship was created to better explore the model of school-enterprise co-education of talents, inspire students’ positive and hard-working spirit, and cultivate their growth. CICT’s Award recognized Porton’s active promotion of and contribution to co-developing talents and driving innovation. Joined by graduate students at CICT, the two parties celebrated a friendly and synergistic cooperation.

During the ceremony, Dr. Shi highlighted Porton’s R&D technology platform and the industry leading Center for Pharma Crystallization (CfPC), after giving an overview of the pharmaceutical industry including drug R&D workflow, drug R&D cost, CDMO industry and the cutting-edge drug R&D trends, and introduced Porton’s scale and position in the industry as well as its global role and historical progress. He also spoke to the interests of the university students, as he described industry trends and employment and personal growth opportunities at Porton.

Director Gong, a professor at the CICT, reviewed the path leading the “Porton Industrial Crystallization Scholarship” via early interactions with Porton’s CfPC leaders. Being a believer in Porton’s scholarship for creating a more beautiful future, he “looks forward to the fruits from this cooperation.”

This unique cooperation was applauded by Li Jing, Secretary of the School of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University, who enthusiastically mentioned that “Today’s school-enterprise cooperation with Porton is a beginning. More comprehensive and in-depth cooperation will follow, supporting both parties’ undertakings and contributing to the advancement of science and technology.”

In closing, Pi Wei, Director of the Office of the Board of Directors and General Manager’s Office of Porton Co., Ltd., and Human Resources Director, emphasized that “Porton is committed to promoting the corporate culture of ‘customer first, pursuit of excellence, teamwork, efficient execution, and embrace change.’ We hire many talents each year from universities and have created a comprehensive development path for them. This is to the advantages of both universities and enterprises, in agreement with the State’s call for integrating production, education and research between universities and enterprises. We want to contribute to cultivating more high-quality and well-trained talents, expanding the space for students to study, get practice training, and find employment.”

In 2021, Porton continues to build “end-to-end” small molecule CDMO service capabilities from APIs to drug products while it continues to build capacities in gene therapy, and actively explores AI application in the pharmaceutical industry. The strategic cooperation between Porton and the CICT at Tianjin University is to meet the demands of the time and the industry. Both parties will communicate proactively, complement each other’s advantages, co-educate students, continue to explore, and strive to realize the mission of bringing good medicines to the public earlier.

Please stay tuned for more information on this and other exciting news from Porton, the CfPC and other business units.