2020 Pharmaceutical Crystallization Summit

2020 Pharmaceutical Crystallization Summit

Cranbury, N.J., June 26, 2020 – J-Star Research, a leading provider of services in complex organic synthesis and crystallization for a variety of pharmaceutical clients globally, today launched its 1st annual Pharmaceutical Crystallization Summit, organized by CfPC (Center for Pharma Crystallization) and XtalPi. Covering the four topical sessions below, this Summit will review the ever-expanding toolbox of capabilities to meet the critical challenges associated with crystallization of drug substance and related drug product development.

Topical Sessions of 2020 Pharma Crystallization Summit

  1. Smarter Solid State Research via Prediction and Simulation
  2. Physical Property Based Crystallization Process Development
  3. Particle Engineering and DS-DP Co-Processing
  4. Partnering for addressing challenges of today and the future

Speakers and panelists from across the globe, including academic and industrial experts alike, will discuss the importance of understanding fundamentals and root causes of problems in de-bottlenecking and ensuring successful process and product developments, especially with limited material and/or time. For detailed information, please visit https://crystallization-summit.jstar-research.com.

About J-Star
J-STAR Research, Inc. (hereafter referred to as J-star) is an innovative CRO serving as an outsourcing partner for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Andrew Thompson, formerly of Merck Research Laboratories, J-Star has become a leading provider of services in Complex Organic Synthesis, Process Research and Crystallization Research and Development for a variety of pharmaceutical clients globally. Through 24 years of services, J-Star has garnered an excellent reputation for innovative problem solving. In 2017, Porton USA, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. acquired J-Star. After more than three years of integration and expansion, J-Star has developed into a multi-disciplinary team of more than 100 employees (including 67 Ph.D. scientists) with extensive experience in small molecule process research and crystallization R&D. It has a team of highly motivated and talented individuals, many of whom have over 10-30 years of R&D tenure in world leading Pharmaceutical companies. Integrating CDMO services from PortonJ-Star can provide scientific rigor and effective one-stop solutions for its global pharmaceutical clients.

About Porton
Founded in July, 2005, Porton Pharma Solution Ltd. is a Chinese top-tier contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) which provides one-stop CDMO services for both chemical drugs from APIs to formulation and biological drugs for global pharmaceutical companies and biotechs. It is committed to building the world’s leading pharma solutions platform, enabling the transformation from molecules to medicines with continuous improvements in speed and cost. Backed by more than 2,000 customer-centric employees, cutting-edge Process R&D Centers, USFDA, PMDA, EMA and NMPA-inspected cGMP production sites in China and sales offices located across Asia, North America and Europe, Porton has an outstanding tracking record for  more than 1000 projects delivered to around 400 global customers.

About XtalPi

XtalPi is a pharmaceutical technology company that is reinventing the industry’s approach to drug research and development with its Intelligent Digital Drug Discovery and Development (ID4) platform. With tightly interwoven quantum physics, artificial intelligence, and high-performance cloud computing algorithms, XtalPi’s ID4 platform provides accurate predictions on the physiochemical and pharmaceutical properties of small-molecule candidates for drug design, solid-form selection, and other critical aspects of drug development. XtalPi is dedicated to improving the efficiency, accuracy, and success rate of drug research and development, and contributing to a healthier society worldwide.

Founded in 2014 by a group of quantum physicists at MIT, XtalPi has since built an elite team with multi-disciplinary expertise in physics, chemistry, pharmaceutical R&D, and algorithm design. XtalPi’s cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and diverse applications across the pharmaceutical value chain have helped it gain industry approval and establish strategic partnerships with top international pharmaceutical companies.