Moisture-Activated Dry Granulation (MADG) – A Simplified Process to Replace Wet-and-Dry-Granulation

Moisture-activated dry granulation (MADG) is an economical and novel granulation process which only requires minor amount of liquid (1-5%) to trigger the agglomeration of particles, uses the high shear granulator to spread out the moisture and then form uniform granules without subsequent drying or milling process, which can save the cycle time tremendously.

Lipid-Based Formulations of Liquid-filled Capsules for Poorly soluble Drugs to Stay Away from Potential Manufacturing Issues of Oral Solid Dosages

Direct Compression to Replace Roller Compaction via API Flowability Improvement

Enhance Powder Flow Density and Flow By Dry Particle Coating

Enhance Powder Flow Density and Flow By Dry Particle Coating

Many active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) exhibit deficient bulk powder properties such as poor flowability, low bulk density, high cohesion, etc. These deficiencies may cause some major issues for the performance of downstream processing thus affect content uniformity in final product.
One of the effective methods to improve powder flow and bulk density is via the dry powder coating. This study performed by J-star Research provides details on this dry coating technology.

Amorphous Solid Dispersion: Improving Dissolution Rate of Poorly Water-Soluble Drug Substance