Session 3: Particle Engineering and DS-DP Co-Processing

Moderator: Dr. San Kiang (J-Star)

Particle Surface Engineering for Predictive Enhancement of API Properties

Particle surface engineering is a cost-effective, promising route to achieve enhancements in the flowability, bulk density and other properties of a variety of cohesive active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). This presentation will discuss predictive enhancements after dry coating based particle surface engineering and discuss models and guidelines for the selection of flow aid type and amount, as well as predicting powder bulk properties from their particle-scale properties such as the particle size and distribution, materials density, surface energy, and surface roughness.

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Co-processing: An Effective Particle Engineering Approach for Drug Substances

Dr. Deniz Erdemir, Principal Scientist Bristol Myers Squibb, New Brunswick/New Jersey Abstract coming soon

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Drug Particle Engineering Using Microfluidic Emulsion-based Crystallization

This paper will present an overview of recent progress towards single-step fabrication of pharmaceutical drug-excipient microparticles through microfluidic emulsion-based processing. In the pharmaceutical industry, active pharmaceutical ingredients typically undergo a series of secondary manufacturing operations, such as crystallization and formulation with additives and excipients, to obtain drug products of varying types, such as orally ingestible tablets or injectables.

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