Solid Form Studies

Early identification of an optimal solid state form is an important step in the development of an active pharmaceutical ingredient.  Physical properties such as solubility, stability, and hygroscopicity as well as aspects such as purification, manufacturing complexity, and bioperformance can be tuned and improved upon by isolation of the target compound in the appropriate solid state form.

At J-Star Research, we can design and conduct a targeted form screen to address a variety of solid state issues you might be experiencing.

     ▪     Is there a crystalline form of my compound?


     ▪     Is there a crystalline form with better properties?


     ▪     Do I have the most stable form?


     ▪     Are there any undiscovered polymorphs?


   ▪    Are there any solid state forms which might impact my process?

Solid State Form Screening Services

At J-Star Research, we offer several solid state form screening services which can be customized to meet your needs.

Crystal Discovery Screen

     ▪     Find the first crystalline form with material amounts ranging from tens of milligrams up to grams of material

Salt & Cocrystal Screens

     ▪     Discover a crystalline from with improved properties

Polymorph Screen

     ▪     Screen for undiscovered polymorphs

Thermodynamic Stability Form Screen

     ▪     Probe thermodynamic form stability as a function of temperature and water activity

Process Robustness Screen

     ▪     Screen the isolation process for form transition temperatures and activity points within the process space to ensure process robustness

Solid State Characterization Equipment

     ▪     X-ray Powder Diffractometer, Rigaku Miniflex 600


     ▪     Differential Scanning Calorimeter, TA Instruments Discovery Series DSC


     ▪     Thermogravimetric Analyzer, TA Instruments Discovery Series TGA


     ▪     Particle Size Analyzer, Horiba LA-920


     ▪     Dynamic Vapor Sorption, Surface Measurement Systems Intrinsic DVS


     ▪     Polarized Optical Microscope, Olympus BX51