Hui Chen, Ph.D.
Director of Analytical Services and Quality Control

Hui Chen, Ph.D. was formerly with Protocor & Gamble, Analytical Department in Beijing Technical Center. During her 3 years at P&G, she worked as an analytical representative in an innovative team with a group of great scientists from other departments such as Technology, Formulation and Product Design for new product development. She earned a recognition reward for her significant contribution to problem solving in new product development by using analytical tools.

She obtained her BA degree in chemistry at Central China Normal University in 1995. Her Ph.D. studies were conducted Under Professor Qinsun Wang at Nankai University in the area of separation science. She was awarded Shixian Yang Fellowship, a highly selective award for Ph. D. students in Chemistry. After her Ph.D. training and 3 years working at P&G in Beijing, she came to United States to work in Dr. Gloria Thomas’ lab as a postdoctoral associate continuously in the area of separation science.

Dr. Hui Chen initially joined J-STAR as a senior scientist and gained a lot of hands-on experiences on analytical method development, project management and collaborations with other departments. Dr. Hui Chen continues to manage collaborations and functions in the laboratories and solve challenging analytical chemistry problems.