Center for Pharma Crystallization at J-STAR Research Announces Consulting Partnership with Professor Kevin Roberts

Center for Pharma Crystallization at J-STAR Research Announces Consulting Partnership with Professor Kevin Roberts

Bringing in the best minds, knowledge and methodologies in the field to speed up solving challenging problems in new drug development, CfPC (Center for Pharma Crystallization) at J-Star Research is pleased to announce a consulting partnership with Brotherton Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Leeds, Kevin Roberts.

Professor Roberts has dedicated his lifetime academic career in crystallization science and engineering, with knowledge transfer as a key part of his personal ethos. As a world renowned expert in understanding the fundamental science and engineering that underpins industrial crystallization processes, Prof. Roberts has been working extensively with industry on solving real-world problems.

The clients of CfPC benefit from the in-depth knowledge and leading methodologies of Prof. Roberts and his team, underpinned by fundamental science and engineering principles. These includes and are not limited to:

  • Crystallization fundamentals through multi-scale molecular modeling (molecule, dimers, clusters, nano-crystals, surface chemistry and interfacial behaviour, structure and polymorphism), morphological and surface chemistry prediction and characterization.
  • Crystallization engineering involving process modeling (heat transfer, hydrodynamics, population and process balances) integrated with CFD together with crystallization scale-up from laboratory through to manufacturing scales.
  • Molecular-scale engineering focused modeling framework to match and integrate with the in-process analytical technology ⇒ “Engineering at the Molecular Scale”.
  • Predictive design tools for linking chemical synthesis (chemistry) to crystallization and formulation (chemical engineering) and to materials characterization and product performance (materials science).
  • Synchrotron radiation techniques for characterizing the structure, perfection, morphology and interfacial properties of macro- and micro-crystals and changes to them and their populations associated with the impact of processing conditions
  • Modeling techniques for characterizing molecular, solid-state and surface chemistry of molecular crystals through molecular- and synthonic- (intermolecular) approaches.
  • Particle Science and Engineering for assessing the impact of crystallization process variability upon the operation of downstream unit processes.
  • Industry 4.0 based Digital Quality by Design (dQbD) methodologies in the holistic design of precision structured particulate products and their associated manufacturing processes.

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