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Contract Research Organization (CRO):  

A trusted chemistry partner to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

About J-Star...

Founded in 1996, J-STAR Research, Inc. is a contract chemistry organization serving as an outsourcing partner for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Founded by Dr. Andrew Thompson, formerly of Merck Research Laboratories in The Department of Process Research, J-Star has become a leading provider of services in organic synthesis for a variety of pharmaceutical clients globally.

J-STAR was formed to provide high quality chemistry and process research services to the chemical community. For complex synthetic organic chemistry projects, especially those with an uncertain development future, it can be difficult to find a nimble and reliable chemistry provider willing to take on new challenges. The company is privately held, which allows us to continue our focus on providing high quality chemistry services.

Currently J-STAR occupies 28,000 sq. ft. of space located in South Plainfield, New Jersey. The company has installed 10 laboratory suites with a total of 34 fume hoods. Four lab suites are used for general research and synthetic projects, two are used for kilo-lab projects and one is used for hydrogenations and high pressure reactions. There is an analytical laboratory, with limited access that is used for analytical method development and release testing. We also have two isolated, limited access suites that are used for cGMP projects. We now have our own library and high field NMR facilities. Additional lab space is being added continuously.

J-Star’s expert team of scientists and professionals coupled with solid industrial experience, a high degree of dependability, and a fully equipped laboratory ensures that all projects are delivered in full, on time and with a high degree of purity.