High Throughput Catalyst Screening

More for Less

High throughput experimentation (HTE) is a very powerful tool for the development of catalytic reactions. In the past, it took months for a good chemist to develop a single catalytic reaction, while we identify now often several leads and optimize those leads in parallel to identify the catalytic champion or champions. This data rich development helps in the decision-making process and often results in better process economy, additional sourcing and better risk management.

Even with HTE, many catalytic transformations have tens of thousand possible combinations to explore! Therefore, a scientifically guided and knowledge driven approach is still required. We have over 400 different ligands, catalysts and precursors readily available to screen the most common transformations. Our approach is unbiased by manufacturer - ideally, we aim to provide several choices.

High Throughput Screening Advantages

  • Minimize experiment-to-experiment variability by having the same pressure, temperature and stirring
  • Evaluation of trends versus a single experiment
  • Repetitive actions lead to time savings
  • Follow-up experiments are planned on data-rich results

Typical HTE Services:

Catalyst/Ligand screen against various conditions

Parallel evaluation of catalytic systems

Optimization under various aspects like conversion, chemo and enantioselectivity while minimizing excess reagent or catalyst. At this stage we transition from HTE to medium throughput.

Our Capabilites

In the preparation of our HT-experiments, we employ various programs, tools and systems in an agile workflow. Most importantly we developed several unique techniques and validated procedures that help us to conduct some very challenging experiments in High-Throughput. For example, we have the capability to add reagents to catalysts, while under pressure. This is for example important if the reagent can decompose in the presence of the catalyst without that a reactive gas is present.

A Wide Range of Catalytic Transformation

A fast and thorough development of a catalytic reaction involves all these steps. Depending on the needs, we also offer these services separately.

Our area of expertise covers a wide range of catalytic transformation, in particular:

We develop the catalytic reactions considering the overall process of a multi-step synthesis (input material purity, cycle time, residual metal, impurity formation, remaining reagents and overall process economy to just name a few) taking the previous and following steps of a multi-step process into consideration.