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Catalyst Screening

An Integrated Approach to Process Development

Our services in catalysis reaction development are differentiated through our integrated approach in the overall process development. We develop efficient catalytic reactions by utilizing the newest tools together with verified experimental high throughput techniques, scientific and industrial knowledge.

Typical services offered:

  • Development planning: We provide an individualized work proposal that suits the needs of the customer (early development vs. manufacturing process or fit for purpose vs. optimized for efficiency).
  • Catalyst screening: We design and conduct 96-well high throughput catalyst screening of reaction specific class variables based on published scientific knowledge and more than 20 years of industrial experience in catalysis research.
  • Increased catalyst performance: We optimize the catalyst performance of the catalyst through mechanistic understanding.
  • Process optimization: In an initial fast reaction optimization we map out all potential main 2-way and quadratic terms using high throughput DoE experimentation.
  • Process stability: We optimize the reaction further by utilizing Kinetic-DoE. This provides us with an endpoint analysis and the most stable operating range for the most statistically significant reaction parameter.
  • Scale-up: The reaction is being scaled-up under best engineering consideration and representative scalable procedures.
  • Efficient technology transfer: Throughout the collaboration the results are frequently communicated in written reports and through teleconferences. A final report will be issued at the end summarizing all relevant information.

A wide range of catalytic transformation

A fast and thorough development of a catalytic reaction involves all these steps. Depending on the needs, we also offer these services separately.

Our area of expertise covers a wide range of catalytic transformation, in particular:

  • Pd and Cu catalyzed C-C and C-X cross coupling reactions
  • Heck reaction
  • Direct arylation
  • C-H functionalization

We develop the catalytic reactions considering the overall process of a multi-step synthesis (input material purity, cycle time, residual metal, impurity formation, remaining reagents and overall process economy to just name a few) taking the previous and following steps of a multi-step process into consideration.


  • Glove box with oxygen and water sensor (<0.1 ppm operating conditions)

In this Section

Catalyst Screening Function
  • Group headed by Dr. Thorsten Rosner
  • Homogeneous Catalyst Screening for: C-N Bond Couplings, C-C Bond Couplings, Asymmetric Hydrogenations
  • Screening to be done in a dedicated Glove Box for very air-sensitive transformations


  • Cross coupling
  • Pressurized reactions
  • Photo chemistry
Customized HT Screen
Customized HT Screen
High Throughput Screening
  • Substrate Equilibria
  • Catalyst Activation
  • Product Inhibition
  • Catalyst Deactivation
Reaction Mechanism
  • HT-DoE
  • Kinetic DoE
  • NORs and
  • PARs
Statistics & DoE